Frequently asked questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yep! We have to identify the video which you want to download then we find the path/location of video that you will save after that we will provide the option to do so.
You can copy the URL of video from Instaram App by tabbing on THREE DOTS on the post and just tab on COPY SHAE URL.
You need only URL video to download video. Just paste the url of video into the textbox and download your video.
Well you can, but you have to login to your account from browser after copying the URL of video which you are going to download.
If you are trying to download video by using with wrong URL which is not a url of instagram video and URL may be broken or video might be deleted.
If you can not find the option then account is private. You can copy the URL of video by login to your Instagram from web browser, just open the video and copy the URL from the search bar.